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Andrew 'Dru' Chen is a lecturer, music producer, and singer-songwriter with 13 years of experience across Singapore and Australia. He aims to further his development as a dual-professional, bridging industry projects with higher-education whilst pursuing his artistic practice. With a deep passion and understanding of music production-audio technology, and a developing purpose as an effective and compassionate educator, Andrew delivers reliable smiles and persistent results for clients and students alike. From working with Warner Singapore and Universal Music Publishing, to composing for League of Legends, Citibank or McDonalds, to teaching the Diploma of Sonic Arts at Republic Polytechnic, Andrew is excited about connecting with the hearts and minds of our industry's future.

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Story So Far

It started out at the age of 3, atop my uncle's shoulders on trips to my mum's birth-town of Kuala Lumpur singing oldies to patrons in chinese medicine shops. From Sam Cooke to Sam Hui, these budding forays foreshadow my later interests in genre-defying "modern vintage" compositions.


Back home in the leafy-suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, mum held my four-year-old hands and placed them on the plastic Casio keys in my first kiddies group piano lesson. I'll never be able to recapture that feeling. It felt as effortless as breathing - as light as air. I finished my first music book within that very lesson, and off I went.

A move to Singapore, ABRSM grade 8, classical violin, keyboards, rock bands, teaching guitar and music theory, learning how to sing, cracking my first DAW - the next few years went by a blur, and before I knew it, I was holding my Bachelor of Music Technology from Queensland Conversatorium Griffith University in my hands.

I put out a number of albums as Dru Chen, some independent, some with Warner Music, and some via Universal Music Publishing Group. I also produced and mixed for those labels, composed for League of Legends, Citibank, HSBC, McDonald's, and am currently pursuing a wonderful and rewarding career in education with Republic Polytechnic. I'm very blessed to play a role in guiding and mentoring the future creatives in our growing media, audio, and music industries.


If you're interested in chatting about projects, the state of the industry, vinyl records, basketball, cats, or coffee, hit me up!